10 Resilient #Fitness Individuals In Singapore

May the diversity inspire. 10 resilient individuals in Singapore dedicated to their craft.


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The birth of Yoga+ is not the only tour de force for Angeline. She has accumulated a series of accomplishments by utilising her applaudable versatility. Always with a keen eye for detail, this true polymath has created countless awe-inspiring content and curations for a multitude of companies and events as well as herself. Using the moniker Sassy Yogi, she has forged numerous relationships through her yoga classes and workshops. Brands like Uniqlo, H&M and Lululemon SG have also developed successful campaigns through her influence. Go, Angie!




With the accumulated years of experience in calisthenic, Fizzy took a bold leap in yoga with the intention of melding strength and flexibility. His feed is abundantly filled with relatable life quotes as well as inspiring progression shots in his yoga home, Yoga+. He has taught students from all walks of life and his classes are always made available for all levels. Fizzy’s number one ethos? Diligently doing your own “homework” will determine your betterment on the mat.


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Muay Thai and Make Up? Yes, you heard right. Caxsandra Tan has continuously shown her passion in this unconventional union since 2011. Apart from keeping up with her rigorous fitness regime and acing as a full-time Product Development Executive for a reputable brand, Caxs has also launched her very own lash line, byCaxs. This tough doll’s go-getter attitude definitely speaks volume. Little girls with dreams become women with vision.




From teaching upbeat spin classes to leading high energy boot camps at 6 AM to competing in not one but THREE Ironman triathlons, to raising funds for the Movember Foundation through his daily exercise lineups – Rajeev’s selfless act garnered over $4000 in hopes of improving mental health for men. “You cannot expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it.” – Rajeev encourages consistency in all that you do.



Having competed in various prestigious competitions both locally and internationally for the last decade, Hakeem is absolutely no stranger to bouldering. Equipped with just chalk and zero harnesses, the snippets shared on his feed proves that brainwork is just as vital as his immense physical strength. Giving his utmost not just on the wall, mobility work for recovery behind the scenes and collating his thoughts on his blog are also part of his groove.



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This lady right here is a superstar. Wan Rydyaton completely destroys the stereotype of bigger girls. Involving short shorts, insanely high heels and a bared midriff, Wan tried pole dancing a few years ago and immediately found her sanctuary. Working as an executive assistant and being a mom to a lovely girl did not hinder Wan from finding time to tune up her artistry by attending classes and filming herself during rehearsals. Her fearlessness to do what she loves is truly refreshing!


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Being on the heavier end of the scale did not pan out well for this lad. Finding decent clothes that fit was not the only struggle he faced but being ostracized by his schoolmates due to what he looks like left him emotionally worn out. Petrified of the health risks he might be afflicted to, Gerald took his first step to his 360° transformations. His fortitude towards the arduous journey served him well, and he is now spurring on the vegan lifestyle.




Along the rad street of Telok Ayer lies The Yoga Mandala, where the head of the tribe spends most of her time imparting knowledge to many aspiring yoga teachers. Jessica Sinclair has defeated many stumbling blocks along the way, and one of them is scoliosis. Not wanting to take surgery as an ultimatum, yoga served as a constant tool for her to realign not just her spine but her outlook on life. Jessica’s outreach in Hair For Hope has sparked almost $9000 in donations.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” – RFK


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Growing up with a father who is an OG in the gym, it is only natural that fitness runs in the Azmi family. With a myriad of activities, Azimah found alleviation through bodybuilding and powerlifting when the going got tough. The Under Armor SG’s ambassador took advantage of her persistent willpower and landed herself on several notable contests such as WBPF Miss Singapore 2015. Did we mention that Azimah is also an ardent roller derby fan? Brownie points to you, warrior.




Growing up where the majority of the population is petite, Sha Halim toiled with the vast difference. Seeking solace in yoga since 2012, she provoked every preconceived notion of what a yoga body should be like. Touching her toes seemed absurd but years on, this rebel’s feed exhibits determination and charm. When asked the significance of her handle, she said it derived from the Sanskrit word Chaturanga: A yoga push-up. Having trouble achieving it then, the creation of Shaturanga prompted Sha to live up to her name. Sha’s quirky corridor yoga practice is an added sureness of her refusal to be ordinary.