Can Water Help You Lose Weight?

Water is one of the most undervalued nutrients, especially when it comes down to weight loss. Drinking adequate water is important and crucial for weight loss.

Most of the doctors ask their patients to download an application that can remind them to drink water.

How can water help you to curb weight?

Hydrating can help you to burn those unwanted calories, limit overeating and shed off that extra weight. If you are dehydrated, your fitness sessions will not produce the desired results.

How will you know whether you are fuelled enough on H20?

[1] Weigh yourself both pre and post workout. If your post-workout weight is 2 or more percent less than your pre-workout weight it indicates, you are not drinking enough water. Also, you can aim for your urine to be clear instead of yellowed as an indicator of hydration.

[2] It enhances your metabolism. Water helps in burning your calories. Every time you eat or drink, your body has to burn the calories. In a study, it has been found that by increasing the intake of water by 1.5 litres a day, one can increase the daily caloric burn by 200 calories.

[3] If you are determined and exercise regularly, then you can lose weight quickly. Water builds up your energy level. Energy and weight loss are related. When your energy levels are up, you can handle workouts better.

[4] Water energises your cells, feeds the muscles with oxygen and nutrients and your brain can concentrate on your weight loss goals.

[5] Water reduces the tendency of having other drinks. Water tastes great on its own, and it is even better as compared to other beverages like soda and coffee that can cause health issues.

[6] Water is great for flushing toxins and free radicals out of your system.

[7] Hydration is important, and your body will not be able to perform if you are dehydrated. It might also lead to muscle cramps, dry mouth, skin and headaches. An expert can help you out with your fitness goals, such as HYPOXI coaches.

Do not start off with something without consulting a fitness expert. It is not a wise decision to start off with something on your own as that might lead to drastic consequences.

Fitness and health, not just losing weight, should be your primary aim.