Fat Loss & Metabolic Rate

Excess fat is not only an appearance issue. They are potential causes of adverse health and overall well-being problems as well.

There are various fat loss solutions including diet plans and exercise programs that one can choose and, but it’s essential, first and foremost to understand what fat loss means.

Fat loss vs weight loss

Fat loss involves lowering your body fat percentage, that is to say, the amount of body fat you’re carrying. Weight loss, on the other hand, is about reducing your overall body weight.

Unfortunately for the latter and often due to the lack of understanding behind the fat loss vs weight loss science; people who lose weight also experience a decrease in muscle.

Another common misconception is that fat can be turned into muscle. Fat and muscle are two different tissues. The optimum solution is to lose fat and build muscles.

Metabolic rate

The process by which the food and drink you consume are turned into energy is known as metabolism. Metabolic rate refers to the speed at which that process occurs. Metabolism occurs continuously whether your body is at work or at rest.

Energy is always being burned to essentially support your life. The rate at which energy is used has a direct effect on fat loss and muscle gain.

Fat loss

A typical fat loss program usually involves paying detailed attention to the type of food that is consumed and not only focusing on calorie deficit (more commonly associated with weight loss).

The program also includes exercises that help to burn fat while preserving muscle such as weightlifting and other strength training exercises. Although these can at times, see an increase on the weighing scale, they often result in a more toned and fit physical appearance.

Muscle factor

The amazing thing about muscles is that they burn more calories than fat when you’re doing nothing! This process is known as your BMR or basal metabolic rate. So building muscles do go a long way in helping to lose fat.

True fat loss is when you managed to lose the extra fat while preserving or building muscles at the same time.


The HYPOXI®-Method is a combination of low impact exercise with advanced technology and healthy nutrition that supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system. It helps your body work smarter not harder.

The method involves a low impact exercise that combines vacuum compression technology and workout. It is effective in stubborn areas of the body where fat loss is commonly a challenge.

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