Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Deposits

We all want weight loss! The issue seems to be the stubborn fat that won’t seem to go no matter how hard we exercise and diet.


We all have “trouble areas” in our bodies, areas we want to fix with diet and exercise to feel and appear more attractive. We all want weight loss! The issue seems to be those trouble spots that won’t seem to go no matter how hard we exercise and diet. Some hit their goal with their weight loss, but their trouble spots are still holding unsightly fat.

The places we hold stubborn fat are different for each person. For some people, it is their thighs and glutes that hold stubborn fat, while others hold it around their stomach and back area.

No matter where you hold stubborn fat, white adipose tissue, science is showing there are ways beyond diet and exercise to help reduce stubborn fat. If you can improve blood circulation to the targeted area, it can help with spot treating fatty areas.

Researcher K. Frayne, who has researched how to improve blood circulation and target fat loss, attests, “There is evidence that adipose tissue blood flow does not increase sufficiently to allow delivery of all the fatty acids released into the systemic circulation.” In other words, if we improve blood circulation to a specific area, we can target that area to reduce stubborn fat and to attain the desired weight loss.

How to Tackle Stubborn Fat Deposits

HYPOXI has perfected a program to allow optimum weight loss and stubborn fat reduction in targeted areas. The HYPOXI program  improves blood circulation in any area through vacuum and compression therapy while you are moderately exercising.

Vacuum and compression therapy coupled with gentle exercise will reduce stubborn fat, measured in centimetre loss, three times more effectively than strict diet and exercise.

Areas such as the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs are directly targeted while you exercise on HYPOXI® devices. The additional circulation helps the body to loosen stubborn fat resulting in weight loss and the ability to reduce stubborn fat deposits that you have been desperately trying to get rid of.

If you have tried every diet and exercise program and have still been trying to re-shape a part of your body, your next step should be to try increasing blood circulation to that area with HYPOXI.