How Long Does It Take to See Weight Loss Results?

Let’s face it; most people who are seeking to lose weight are more concern with how long it’ll take than what it takes. Well, just like Rome, most other things weren’t built in a day, so have a little bit of patience and keep up the consistent effort.

Still, the concerns are valid as at times, effort and results don’t seem to correlate.

Weighing weight loss

Let’s weigh in on some factors that contribute to weight loss. A healthy diet, exercise and proper rest, including sleep, are some absolute ‘must-do’ for proper weight loss. A healthy diet should be balanced, and the basic essentials should include drinking water, filling up on fibre and proteins, and to an extent, practising mindful eating.

Recommended exercises should include a mix of cardio, HIIT and resistance training. Include yoga and long walks for both the mind and body. Proper rest and sleep are often the most overlooked but could just be the most important factor. The body needs to repair itself, and it usually does this during rest and sleep. Additionally, when you exercise and have adequate rest, your stress level decline and that is always a good thing as it facilitates your body’s capability to do what it needs to do.

But remember to seek qualified to advise before embarking on any weight loss programme.

How long will it take?

The initial weeks will see ‘dramatic’ (in a good way) improvements. You’ll feel healthier, and you’ll lose some size as well. The extent of the improvement depends on your starting body size. Larger people tend to experience significant weight loss, although it might not correspond with their physical appearance.

If you’re generally petite, the improvement is usually gauged by your reduced dress size. Weight loss may take a little more time, but it is happening, so do not undertake further steps that may be detrimental to your health!

Water loss

Initial weight loss is usually contributed to water loss. Fluid levels fluctuate and can be affected by a change in diet. An example is when you embark on a low-carb diet where as a result of which, leads to depletion in stored glycogen level in muscles. Losing the stored glycogen means losing the water it retains, and in terms of appearance – you may notice a flatter stomach. But that does not mean that you should lose more water just to achieve your desired weight.

It’s not hard to lose weight if you do it the proper way. There are various methods and programmes with accompanying advise to set you off on the right footing, including The HYPOXI® -Method.

The HYPOXI®-Method

The HYPOXI®-Method is a combination of low impact exercise with advanced technology and healthy nutrition that supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system. It helps your body work smarter, not harder.

The method involves a low impact exercise that combines vacuum compression technology and workout. It is effective in stubborn areas of the body where fat loss is commonly a challenge.
Independent studies have shown HYPOXI® to be up to 3x more effective at targeted fat burning than regular exercise.