How To Regain Your Pre-pregnancy Body

Becoming a mum is one of the most fulfilling roles in a woman’s life. A baby brings newfound excitement to your home and changes your life forever.

Still, many new mums want one thing back from their pre-baby life – their figure. HYPOXI can help you reshape your body by targeting zones that become problematic after pregnancy. The exercise based HYPOXI-Method is simple, efficient, scientifically proven and most important all-natural.

What changes during pregnancy

If you recently had a baby, your body has been going through vast changes. To nourish your baby pre- and post-partum and sustain your life, your body had to utilize fat. The La Leche League states your body creates new fat cells during the last trimester of pregnancy, and those new fat cells may be the reason it’s increasingly difficult to lose weight after pregnancy, even if you never had problems losing weight before.

After the initial soreness and exhaustion of delivering a baby wear off, usually within 4-6 weeks, you will become aware of your body again. Your post-natal body appears soft and fatty in your mid-section, legs, and buttocks. Your skin is not taut and firm like it used to be. You will want to begin taking steps toward getting back in shape.

Here’s where HYPOXI can help.

Get your sexy body back

Getting back in shape through diet and training alone can take a year or more to fully work. You still may not think your body looks the same as it did before your pregnancy.

At HYPOXI, we know that you can be a mum and still have a youthful, fit body. We have perfected a training program that is a combination of three forms of therapy using our state of the art equipment. We will help you expedite the process of getting your pre-baby body back.

Our natural process of reshaping your body will be simple, easy, and save you time. Our equipment combines gentle exercise, the use of gravity, and vacuum and compression action to assist your body in burning off post-natal fat deposits in targeted areas.

Visit our dedicated mum site to see how you can design your body with HYPOXI naturally.