HYPOXI 8-point Fat Loss Zone

The HYPOXI® 8-point fat loss zone targets the common and often, stubborn areas of fat on the body. These areas present a challenge, but on the upside, fat removed from them for the most part result in remarkable and noticeable changes.

HYPOXI 8-point Fat Loss Zone

Fat Loss Zone #1: Waist

Fat concentrated around the waist is never a good thing, both appearance and health wise. Whether in regards to prevention or in addressing a current issue, switching to a healthier lifestyle is highly recommended.

This includes watching what you eat! Good dietary habits ensure that what your body needs is never wasted while bad ones, well, will tend to go to the waist.

Fat Loss Zone #2: Back

Fat around the mid or lower back is your fault. It’s not about genetics but more of mistakes in terms of dietary habits and workout routine even.

So the apt remedy would be to do things the right way (but of course), which admittedly can be a challenge, but if you want results, there has to be effort.

Fat Loss Zone #3: Bottom

Bottom line is one has to make a conscientious effort to lose any (extra) fat. Speaking of which, bottom fat, aka the “banana roll” is chiefly caused by genetics.

Essentially, they are fat build-up just below the buttocks on the upper hamstring and can seemingly be impossible to get rid off. Weight-based exercises like a single-leg deadlift with dumbbells can help burn fat in the area while building strength.

Fat Loss Zone #4: Buttocks

By whatever name you prefer to address it, the buttocks is where less fat is much preferred, for many. An increase in estrogen supposedly causes fat accumulation in the lower body, including the buttocks as does bad nutrition and lifestyle, and genetics.

An exercise routine that combines strength and cardio with a healthy calorie-deficit diet may help to blast the fat away but remember – the constant effort is key to the long-term result.

Fat Loss Zone #5 & #6: Inner & Outer Thighs

The thighs give the sighs aplenty when it comes to fat loss and knowing that genetics play a significant role doesn’t bring on the sunshine either.

Dietary advice that suggests the addition of more electrolytes while cutting back on carbs and salt intake that may help to lose fat in these areas as well as engaging in specific exercise routines. Still, the inner and outer thighs continue to be areas where at times, effort doesn’t produce the deserved and desired results.

Fat Loss Zone #7: Tummy

The good news is when you lose weight; the tummy is one of the first areas to show results. The bad news is, the causes of tummy fat are plenty, and at times, you aren’t aware because they are part of your habits.

So, realise and understand the fallacies of your bad habits and make a positive change. A bulging tummy may be hard to stomach, but its potentially serious health implications are the real dangers.

Fat Loss Zone #8: Knees

Knee fat. Yes, you read that right. While the knees are not high on the primary concerns of many when it comes to fat loss, nonetheless it is still a concern.

Everyone wants to look good regardless of what they are wearing and the knees are often exposed, so having toned ones doesn’t hurt but if you have too much fat around the knees, it will – physically.

The HYPOXI® method

The HYPOXI® method was designed to address problem areas where fat is commonly found in both men and women. It combines low-impact exercise with advanced technology and healthy nutrition.

The HYPOXI® method is scientifically proven to be up to 3 x more effective at fat loss than traditional exercise.