HYPOXI: The Other 23 Hours

HYPOXI® is 3 times more effective at burning stubborn fat and weight loss than conventional exercise. But what you do for the next 23 hours is where the magic happens.

You’ve just signed up for your first HYPOXI® session and can’t wait to see the results. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking that first important step to a healthier and better-looking physique!

You spend at least an hour in the studio but the other 23 hours are up to you. Here are some things you should adhere to enhance its efficacy for the best results. 

What To Consume


Nutrition is key to obtaining best results. 2 hours before your session, you may consume meals preferably containing protein and whole grain products but bear in mind not to eat till you’re full. Allow your body to digest the meal, as training on a full stomach is not recommended.


To maximise HYPOXI’s fat-burning effect, do not consume any food for up to 2 hours after the session. You can start eating after that but avoid carbohydrates for a further 2 to 4 hours otherwise you may just be burning food instead of stubborn fat.

Carbs are not only found in food such as pasta, bread and rice. It is best that you avoid food that contains more than 10g of carbohydrates and stay away from those snacks no matter how tempting they may be!

Some post-HYPOXI® session hearty meals include:

  • Grilled chicken/lean beef/fish (palm sized hand) with salad
  • Large green salad with mixed vegetables (avoid root vegetables)
  • Chicken/lean beef/lamb stir fry with veggies (no noodles)
  • Baked fish with steamed Asian vegetables
  • Salmon steak and green roasted vegetables
  • But if you’re in the mood for something simpler:
  • Celery stick filled with cottage cheese
  • 2 medium strawberries mixed with 2 spoons of natural yoghurt

Don’t forget your beauty sleep. Sleep is when your body recuperates. Get at least 8 hours daily.

What Not To Consume

Avoid coffee, carbohydrate and alcohol for up to 24 hours after your HYPOXI® session. You should be feeding your body with healthy things to really achieve optimal results. Stay hydrated throughout to facilitate the fat-burning effect.

Other Things To Take Note Of

Do not take part in any other exercise routines on HYPOXI® session days. You may continue with your workouts on other days but most clients sign up for HYPOXI® as an alternative to gym memberships as significant results can be achieved in a shorter time frame.

Get enough sleep. The importance of proper and true rest can never be over-emphasised. It is during this period that your body recovers and builds. On non-training days, try to avoid food high in sugar and fat. After all, you don’t want all that effort to go to waste, do you?

HYPOXI® is a truly remarkable technology that has enabled many people to achieve that desired physical appearance in a shorter time. To ensure optimal results, you have to do your part and while it does take some self-discipline – the result is worth it!