Lynn Poh: The Woman Who Is Beautiful Inside & Out

Born 27 November, she may own a smile that can melt hearts but Lynn Poh (傅芳仪) is a strong, independent modern woman who stands true to her Sagittarius traits kind, positive and generous as well.

That Little Girl Who Grew Wings

Born the youngest, Lynn’s parents separated when she was still little. Her strong-minded characteristic was already prevalent even during her primary school years where her aunty would be the one who would fetch her home after school. Instead of feeling sad as she watched her schoolmates being fetched by their parents, Lynn kept her head high.

Growing up, she focused on her goal which was to be a flight stewardess and with support from her second sister and role model, Lynn fulfilled her ambition culminating in flying for one for the world’s leading air carriers, Singapore Airlines. The experience enabled her to see the world and one of her greatest memories was witnessing the majestic beauty of Egypt’s Giza Sphinx in person, something that was previously confined to only the pages of her Geography book.

In 1996, Lynn took part in Miss Chinatown Singapore pageant (新加坡华裔小姐选美) and was awarded the first runner-up sash. That achievement led to a start of a new chapter in her life.

The Show That Started It All


In 1997, the Executive Producer of MediaCorp’s popular sitcom “Don’t Worry be Happy”《敢敢做个开心人》invited Lynn for an audition, unknown to her at that time that she was to replace the then-current actress in the role of “Zhu Zhu”. She had no idea what acting was about and as for her audition experience – “It’s just like I have to sing a popular song in my own style different from the original singer and hope that the audience will like it.”

The audition was a success and so began her foray into acting.

Lynn has a number of popular TV serials under her belt and one that left an indelible impression on her was Channel 8’s “As You Like It” (1999) where she played the character “Haze”, starring alongside Ah Ge, Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉. It was memorable as she had to have a pixie hairstyle, which was a first for her.

Beauty From Inside Out

The challenges of acting and having to immerse oneself in different roles is a daunting challenge. For Lynn, it’s one that’s welcomed and always accomplished. So whether it’s having to have a her hair cut pixie-like or dressed up in a certain manner to fit a role or character, what’s obvious is that her beauty always shines through. This beauty comes from the inside.

In 2016, Lynn joined “Helping Joy” (“助乐”), a non-profit organisation as their ambassador.  Since 2009, she has been regularly joining her friends on visits to the old folks’ homes, including over the festive Chinese New Year periods where she would hand out “ang baos”. At times, she would even bake cakes for the residents. In her own words, “Whenever I can give them a (helping) hand, it always bring a big smile on my face. Giving, not receiving,  is a blessing!”

You are what you eat and how you breathe

As a believer of “you are what you eat”, Lynn says that diet plays an important role as does moderate exercise in one’s well-being. Life is about achieving the right balance and to enable this, she emphasizes that self discipline is essential.

Watch her short interview below from behind-the-scenes of the commercial shoot for HYPOXI.

“On top of eating right, yoga has helped my body and mind to relax. One must learn to let go, move on and have a grateful heart! Every night before i sleep, I count my blessings! In order to remain youthful, physically and emotional health is important,” she shares confidently.

“Don’t live life regretting yesterday; Live your life so tomorrow you won’t regret today.” – is what Lynn’s sister used to say. Perhaps this maxim, that Lynn herself lives by, that has helped her overcome challenges and achieve success both professionally and personally. But whatever it is, Lynn Poh continues to inspire through her actions and is a strong testimony to what true beauty is about.