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Singapore’s first & largest online workout yoga store! Going to the gym and working out releases endorphins. Wearing beautiful clothes makes us feel better about ourselves and it gives us extra stimulus to flaunt our bodies and embrace our curves. Visit OM Going for 11 international carefully-curated brands brought in especially for you. 

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Ladies, we don’t have to suffer from the monthly visits. PS Love is a 100 percent natural heat therapy patches designed to bring women comfort and relief for menstrual cramps, back pains and neck/shoulder pains. It aims to be every female’s companion by supporting them through their life stages — from your first period, to when you enter the workforce and/or become mums.

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Abundant Earth specialises in premium herbal teas and natural lifestyle products. It carries a wide range of healing herbal teas, essential oils and natural lifestyle products. Health-giving organic herbs, invigorating aromatics and generous handfuls of other natural plant-based ingredients are combined and transformed into healing herbal teas with exciting aroma blends.

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THEPROJECTPIXEL got the ball rolling in 2009 and have been thriving in the industry since. Lovebirds can look forward to create magic with a lot of love when you lock your big day with them. A little reminder from the TPP FAM: Stay rad!

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KER’S HAIR STUDIO brings you Tokyo Spa Inkarami Treatment. It is the world’s leading Tokyo Inkarami Salon System, which provides a unique “dual care” for both scalp and hair at the same time . Focusing on the common deterioration condition of “dryness” (dryness of scalp and hair), dryness leads to an unrelenting downward spiral effect in hair damage. With their high “super moisturizing”, technology together with the patented technology Inkarami, your hair will restore its health in no time.

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