What Happens When You Lose 5 Percent Of Your Body Weight?

There is no denying that weight loss can be a challenge. Losing all that excess weight in one go would be ideal, but the body doesn’t and shouldn’t work that way – and for very good reasons too.

Think of weight loss as slowly chipping away what’s not needed and realise that even the slightest loss is still a gain for your overall wellbeing and health.

Here’s how a modest weight loss is still significant enough in ensuring better health.

A matter of the heart

Cholesterol is a dreaded word, but there is good and bad cholesterol. A modest weight loss can effectively boost the heart’s health and along with it, good cholesterol levels as well.

This reduces the risk of heart disease and enables the organ to perform, as it should.

Keeping inflammation in check

Inflammation is a way the body responds to things like injuries, which on a short-term and acute level is not a bad thing. However, chronic inflammation increases the risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer, among others.

Weight loss brought on by proper diet and exercise decreases inflammation while boosting the body’s immune function. It doesn’t take much for these changes to take place; a weight loss as little as 5 percent puts you and your body onto the path of better health.

Mood elevation

True health is about the body and mind. A modest weight loss of 5 percent may seem negligible or insignificant, but in truth, the good it does extends beyond just what you see. It results in better sleep and improved moods.

Getting adequate sleep is essential in regulating appetite and also, helps keep frustrations and other negative emotions at bay. With a better mood and positive outlook, the changes you experience truly encompass the body and mind.

What Happens When You Lose 5 Of Your Body Weight?2

A weight off the joints

As we age, we will realise even more the importance of bone health. Excess weight is extra pressure on our joints resulting in more wear and tear particularly on the knee cartilage. This often leads to osteoarthritis, a painful condition. Losing just a little weight takes, literally, some weight off and reduces the damage as well as the likelihood of osteoarthritis.

You don’t have to lose a huge amount of weight to realise the many benefits of weight loss. A modest weight loss is a good start, and more importantly, it is a motivator once you start seeing the positive changes it does to your body and mind.