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In summer, outdoor sport is great fun and there are endless opportunities to stay fit. The balance at the end of the summer may still be quite sobering though: No matter how often you exercise, those stubborn problem areas on your abdomen, buttocks and legs remain. This is because your body only burns fat which it can access easily. It will not burn fat in problem areas where circulation is poor. Targeted treatment is therefore necessary.

In the approaching grey autumn and winter, we offer an ideal, cosy environment to work on these problem areas effectively. With its innovative combination of alternating pressure and gentle exercise, HYPOXI®-Training® permits targeted and long-lasting body shaping. Both vacuum and compression therapy are proven natural treatments and help promote blood circulation and the elimination of bodily fluids from the tissues.


A study by the Medical Prevention Centre Hamburg (MPCH) has proved beyond a doubt that the HYPOXI®-Method® enables a targeted reduction in body fat in so-called problem zones.


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