HYPOXI®® – Innovative method for the targeted treatment of problem areas

With its innovative combination of alternating pressure and effective exercise, HYPOXI®® permits targeted and long-lasting body shaping on the problem areas waist, stomach, buttocks and thighs. Both vacuum and compression therapy are proven medical methods and help promote blood circulation in the problem areas stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks.

When combined with training, the method is even more effective. This is because exercise accelerates the flow of fatty acids to the muscles, where they are burnt once and for all. For the first time in the history of body shaping, fat burning can be promoted exactly where it is required.
In another version, HYPOXI®-Method® can be used to train the skin and strengthen the connective tissues. High and low pressure is applied to improve blood flow while gently exercising the skin to make it firmer and more elastic.
To enable this combination of therapy and training, a unique series of devices was developed that facilitates the correct application of high and low pressure and exercise to the desired body areas in accordance with the individual’s personal requirements. A modern computer control system ensures the optimum combination and automatic programme flow. The effects are rapid and long-lasting.

The individual devices:

HYPOXI®® has developed innovative treatment devices which target each and every problem area specifically and deliver rapid, long-lasting results:

Trainer S120
The Trainer S120 combines the three components of HYPOXI®-Method® effectively: high pressure, low pressure and training. The computer-controlled alternation of high and low pressure takes place in a chamber that reaches up to the hips. The gentle exercise takes place sitting on the integrated bicycle ergo meter. This puts the problem areas –– legs and buttocks –– under pressure, promotes vascular activity and eliminates fat in a targeted manner.
Trainer L250
The Trainer L250 permits the alternating application of low pressure for the lower area of the body in a reclined position. The comfortable reclined position relieves the body of most of its weight during training and the upward pedalling movements of the legs assists in draining fluid from the legs in a completely healthy way. Targeted fat burning in the legs and buttocks with maximum relief of the veins is possible for all women regardless of their body weight or fitness level. The results are beautiful, slender legs and a visible reduction of cellulite.

The Vacunaut concentrates the effects of the ancient art of vacuum therapy and compression therapy in one device to target the middle section of the body.
The Vacunaut consists of the HYPOXI®® Pressure Suit with an integrated network of 122 high and low pressure chambers that treat the abdominal and hip area directly. During a moderate training – which can take place on a treadmill, exercise bicycle or other popular cardiovascular exercise equipment – the application of high and low pressure targets the abdomen and hips. The result is a rapid, long-lasting reduction in girth.

HYPOXI®-Dermology® is a training method for firming and rejuvenating the skin. Just like the muscles, the skin needs exercise in order to remain firm and strong. 400 active vacuum chambers integrated in the problem areas in HD Pressure Suit ensure that the skin gets the exercise it needs. A comfortable lounge chair with integrated high and low pressure technology ensures pleasant relaxation while the elastic connective fibres of the skin work diligently. HYPOXI®-Dermology® can eliminate the signs of aging and turn back the physiological clock years.

Expert advice for achieving your objective:
Personal advice, assistance and performance reviews play a central role at authorized HYPOXI®®-Studios. HYPOXI®-Method® is not limited to the selection and use of the correct method alone; it includes important information about correct nutrition and other accompanying measures. A comprehensive training programme for HYPOXI®®-Coaches ensures that all users receive competent advice and attain their desired goal.

HYPOXI®® – From a revolutionary idea to market leadership
In 1997, Dr. Norbert Egger, the founder of HYPOXI®®, gave the body-shaping industry new impulse by combining medical therapies with exercise. Based on 20 years of experience as the owner of a therapy and training institute, Dr. Egger came to the revolutionary idea of merging natural therapies with effective exercise in order to take advantage of their common benefits for targeted, effective body shaping. Vacuum, compression therapy, and fat burning exercise had proven to be the most effective measures. In order to combine these therapies, completely new devices had to be designed and built.
Extensive studies, close contact with users and constant development produced devices that are not only modern in design but include sophisticated technology and the latest computer control systems.
In more than 10 years, HYPOXI®® has gone from being a newcomer to a globally active enterprise. Today, HYPOXI®® GmbH, with its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, is the world’s leading supplier of devices for targeted body shaping. Meanwhile HYPOXI®® is offered in more than 40 countries worldwide, on all 5 continents.

For more information, see www.hypoxi.com