Post-pregnancy Body Shaping With HYPOXI

The challenges a woman faces during the gestation period and the experience of childbirth are, without a doubt, incomparable to any other life’s experience. Yet, it doesn’t stop there, for soon after giving birth, a new challenge arises.

Getting back into shape, post-pregnancy takes effort, and when you factor in the hormonal changes involved after giving birth; the task may seem to be overwhelming. But don’t give up. Apart from signing up for post-natal exercise classes, below are some things that you can do.

Start slow

Provided your doctor has cleared you to do so, walking is a good start. Start slow and use support if you have to. It’s a form of low impact exercise but beneficial nonetheless. Once you’re regained more strength, try to cover more distance but do not overexert your body by pushing yourself too hard.

Post-pregnancy Body Shaping With HYPOXI-2

Strengthen that core

Pelvic tilts and kegel exercises are suitable for core strengthening. You can even add some basic crunches into the mix. A strong core is a solid foundation for not only weight loss but also better all-round well-being. Just remember to get your doctor’s approval before starting on them.

Yoga is also ideal for core strength, and it teaches the mind to focus. There are many post-natal yoga classes that you can sign up for.

Have a splash

Other forms of low impact exercises include swimming and water aerobics. Both of these are great for losing weight, getting into shape and fitness. Additionally and for swimming in particular, you can do it at your own pace. Water aerobics done in a small group session is not only beneficial but can be fun as well. Do consider them and give them a go when it’s convenient.

Another option that you could consider is the HYPOXI®-Method.

The HYPOXI®-Method

The HYPOXI®-Method is a combination of low impact exercise with advanced technology and healthy nutrition that supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system. In essence, it helps your body work smarter, not harder.


It involves a low impact exercise that combines vacuum compression technology and workout. It is effective on stubborn areas of the body where fat loss is commonly a challenge. For mothers who are looking to regain their shape and lose that post-pregnancy bulge, these features of the HYPOXI®-Method makes it an ideal option.


Independent studies have shown HYPOXI® to be up to 3x more effective at targeted fat burning than regular exercise.