Small Changes Make A Big Difference

Big things start and happen with small changes. This adage stands true across the board from health to wealth. So if you want to look and feel better, it starts with making changes to your lifestyle.

Here are a few suggestions to help you out.

Sugar rush

A cold glass of fizzy soda on a hot day is what, to most people, just what the doctor ordered. Well, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a doctor who would agree though. Sugar can be found in almost everything so it can be tedious to monitor your intake. What you can do is to reduce your consumption. For example, that delicious dips and sauce – yes they contain high amounts of sugar, and you can start by totally avoiding them or limiting their intake.

How about that thirst quenching soda? Try swapping them with some sparkling water (add a slice of lemon if you want) or plain old but always gold, water. Did you know that carbonated drinks make you eat more? They stimulate the hormone Ghrelin, which is responsible for that hungry feeling. So mind the sweets and crush that sugar rush!

Food swap on aisle 9


If you’re at the supermarket and find yourself reaching out for some candy – stop! Try some healthy nuts instead. Nuts are packed with protein, and most of them contain unsaturated fat, which is ultimately good for your heart.

Skip the white rice section and pick up some brown ones. Brown rice has twice the nutrition and half the calories. Isn’t that a good enough reason to try some? A cold glass of fruit juice after some grocery shopping is a welcomed fuel injection. But so is eating them fresh! You get your water intake plus nutrition fresh from the source. So before you check out, make a detour to the fruits section.

You snooze you lose

Eating the right food (and right amount as well) is a good start, but you have to incorporate some physical activities. Head to the gym and if you need some motivation, grab a friend or two along. If there’s no gym near your area, head to the park or go for a run around your neighbourhood. Get some bodyweight exercises into your routine. That park bench is perfect for some dips and pushups – get creative! When you think creative, you’re stimulating your brain, and that would compliment your overall lifestyle change and wellbeing.

Do some yoga. Yoga teaches, among other things, its practitioner to breath proper. Proper breathing is essential as it helps deal with stress, anxiety and other related issues. If yoga is not your thing, you can still learn to breath proper and better by googling on the Internet.

Whatever it is, get off your behind and get moving.

They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and this applies when it comes to attaining a better physique, health and wellbeing as well. But as history has shown, a city can be wiped out in one day. So for all the efforts that you’ve been making, do stay focused and disciplined. Remember your goal, and soon, these little changes will result in a big difference – for good.

Watch this video for more easy lifestyle changes that you can implement into your lives.