Spread The Love, Live Happy!

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. Here are some easy ways to share your love and light!

Gossip but positive stuff only

Many are guilty of talking about others when they aren’t around, but this doesn’t mean that the conversation is all about the negativity.

Talk about something they did well or have accomplished. This is a great way to shift people’s true judgement and on to the positivity! So even if they were to hear about it, you are left with good vibes only.

Extend your hands

Give your seat up or help an elderly carry hir or her heavy grocery bag. Take a moment out of your busy life to help those who need it.

Good karma goes a long way, and it will come your way when you need it most.

The name game

Call people by their name. Everybody loves to feel recognised and acknowledgement starts from hearing their name. Mention their names when you address them in your emails or in real life. No more babe or hey, a rose by any other name is not a rose!

Forgot someone’s name? Just ask away! Don’t be shy. They will actually appreciate it way more than you will ever know.


Give 100 percent ATTENTION

Give your focus when someone finds the time to speak to you. It sounds so easy, yet very little nurturing.

Give your full attention to the person you are talking to. It can change your whole view of the person and vice versa. That makes two happy people!


You, me, technology

So many things that are posted on social media come from a disconnected and unfavourable place.

Doing our part to post ideas that spread kindness (like cute pictures, motivational quotes, or good article that YOUR friends shared) can help raise the vibration of a social media news feed.

Psst, while you are at it…. FB/IG: @hypoxisingapore.sg.