Targeted Body Sculpting Without Dieting Obsessions and Yo-Yo Effects

Low-Impact Exercise for Long-lasting Results

Breaking down fat deposits in the right places and at the same time firming your skin – two wishes women make. And with the HYPOXI-Method this is not a miracle anymore. HYPOXI – an innovative combination of positive and negative pressure treatment and effective training promotes blood circulation, fat reduction and skin firming in problem areas.

The best part of it: the method is scientifically proven by various clinical studies and is also suitable for lazybones, and the yo-yo effect is no longer an issue.

Many of us remember the festive seasons when we have over-indulged on our favourite foods. Good resolutions immediately follow, and there are always new diet methods which promise impressive results in a short period of time.

A word of caution, however: the euphoria over the lost kilos disappears quickly as most diets only help temporarily and end with a yo-yo effect. What’s more: Crash diets are likely to have an adverse impact on your metabolism and fat reduction goals.

HYPOXI supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system

HYPOXI consciously opposes this dieting obsession and allows targeted body sculpting alongside a balanced, substantial and healthy diet. Four different HYPOXI devices offer proper, individual and all-natural treatment for every problem area. Thus, you can finally target your fat pockets effectively. The alternating pressure targeting the problem areas of the hips, stomach, bum and thighs stimulates circulation in parts of the body where this is usually poor.

The metabolism is thus stimulated more in the desired area. During the very moderate exercise, the fatty acids are taken away from your target area and burned quickly and effectively by the circulatory system.

This type of blood circulation promotion is combined with a moderate fat burning exercise that doesn’t even work up a sweat in couch potatoes.

Individual training plans tailored to your needs

The HYPOXI-Training is offered in authorised HYPOXI-Studios. The time required is limited: After one to three months of HYPOXI-Training with three 30-minute sessions per week, there is not only a lasting reduction of the fat pockets you are targeting, but connective tissue is also strengthened, the skin is tighter, and cellulite is reduced considerably.

A central part of this low-impact exercise regime is the intensive, personal advice and support by trained HYPOXI-Coaches. Individual training plans are designed according to the customer’s situation and objectives.

Furthermore, the coaches also give tips and suggestions for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet – an important requirement for a long-lasting body sculpting without a yo-yo effect.

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