Treadmill Versus HYPOXI Vacunaut

The origins of the treadmill can be traced back to the days of the treadwheel – an ancient device that is still in use albeit sparingly today. A time before powered machines were common use.

These days, the treadmill can be found both in the gym and at home, and for the latter as it provides a convenient way of getting one’s cardiovascular fix without having to actually leave the house.

Benefits of the treadmill

Walking or running on the treadmill is a form of aerobic exercise. Also, as the belt (the part of the machine that you actually walk or run on) is made of a softer surface than concrete or asphalt, it does to an extent reduce the likelihood of certain injuries typically caused by uneven surfaces.

Apart from cardiovascular fitness, the treadmill also works and helps strengthen:

  •       Thighs
  •       Calves
  •       Hips and buttocks
  •       Upper body
  •       Core

The cons

There is a downside of using a treadmill. A loss in agility can be a possible side effect. This may happen, as the treadmill does not generally mimic real-life running conditions in terms of surface. Your body may be lull into running the “perfect” surface and may lessen its ability to adapt to challenging ones.

Muscle strains are also common in injuries associated with running on a treadmill. Mentally, it can lead to boredom, which can hamper your fitness or weight loss goals. Nonetheless, you can still get a variety of benefits from using a treadmill but make sure that you’re doing it right taking into account pre-workout warm-up and stretching exercises and proper form while running.

But if your goal is weight loss, you don’t need a treadmill just yet.

HYPOXI® Vacunaut

HYPOXI® training can help with your weight loss goals. With varying routines, each exercise is designed to target specific areas on your body for optimum results.

The HYPOXI® Vacunaut is a single session option. This caters to customers in the pay-as-you-go category, who prefer to continue based on results.

You will be suited in a patented and comfortable HYPOXI® Pressure Suit customised with 122 integrated pressure chambers that works the stomach and waist. The training will be done either on a treadmill, elliptical trainer or an ergometer. A prescribed diet will be advised together with the session for better results.

Good circulation, healthy eating and exercise are the components of a successful weight loss program, and the HYPOXI® Vacunaut consists of all three!