Unique starts with U. Be bold, or italic. Never regular.

Being normal is boring but being you, is individualistic. Why not do you since everyone else is taken, right? We take a look at these unique Singaporeans.


Sukki Singapora: Singapore’s first International Burlesque Performer


“Little girls with a dream becomes women with a vision.”

Meet Sukki Singpora. A rebel with a cause. Singapore has always been a conservative country (Surprise!) so needless to say, introducing burlesque to the masses proved to be an arduous journey for Sukki. From conducting underground burlesque workshops to legalising her craft in 2015. It took her 5 years to prove that the stigmas attached to burlesque are just pure misconceptions.

If you are one of them who feels uncomfortable, there is a difference between sexuality and sensuality! Burlesque in a nutshell is her passion, a platform for expression and business networking. Sukki Singapora’s vision now serves as a mission to help empower women from all over the world.


Kae Hana: Kae Hana+



An undeniable badass in the local fashion industry who promises a diverse range of size, you can count on Kae Hana to deliver. Expect her label Kae Hana+ to be nothing less than absolutely unapologetic with electrifying colors and bold prints.

With that in mind, we had the opportunity to share some time with her in our humble home! While putting on our patented HDC PressureSuit, we informed her the benefits of our Dermology treatment, from having better micro blood circulation to combating cellulite, to improving lymphatic drainage, we asked her how she truly felt.

“I relate 100% to an uncomfortable situation while trying new things. This is super unconventional but I love it already. I feel like a spaceman but like a healthy spaceman who can potentially rule all the planets.”

Preach, Hana.


Fiona Tan: Winner of Ms Top of the World Plus Size 2016


To be crowned the winner for Ms Top of the World Plus Size? Yep, that is what Fiona Tan did exactly. Defying the norm for a pageant, that did not stop any of these girls from reaching out to their dreams. When asked what makes a lady unpleasant, most will shrug and say that being ugly, fat and lazy but Fiona will tell you otherwise.

Being beautiful to her does not limit to only the physical factors but also the characteristics that collide into a unique individual. How and when did being fat overwrites being cunning, irresponsible, untrustworthy and patronising?

Fiona bares her soul on and off stage – to always know your worth and have a little more faith in yourself. Everyone who has the ability to breathe deserves a place on this Earth. Regardless of your exterior attributes, age, race and gender,. as long as you are trying to be the best version of yourself, you are significant.

Keep inspiring us, Fiona!


Wati Manson: Frontliner of Make up, Make out



Not a newbie in the creative department, MAKEUP.MAKEOUT was established since 2009 right after Wati’s graduation from The School of Makeup. Her fierceness in her craft had led her to conduct many events like customised beauty workshops, stage makeup for schools, fashion or bridal photoshoots and makeovers in encouragement of confidence. Wati is also well-known for her alternative modelling career since 2005 that actively pushes the comfort of conservativeness in Singapore.

What draw us most to Wati is her fierce zest to pursue the unconventional – Unafraid of public opinions, staying true to her craft techniques as an artist and rocking those body modifications.

Speaking of rock, did you know she also boulders? #climblikeagirl

Shirley Chua: 68 year old Cosplay Enthusiast

What started as just sending her son, Skyy, for his cosplay sessions with his friends evolved into a revolution for this wonder woman and the cosplay community here in Singapore. Affectionately known as Auntie Shirley, age is truly just a number. Most will relate cosplay to a younger generation but Auntie Shirley proves you otherwise.

Proudly showing around her workshop, rows of her meticulously handmade costumes are hung up, each with an eventful story. Skyy then helped her with the ins and outs of social media and her following since grew in thousands! Amidst all the frills, the thing that is most important to Aunty Shirley is the ever growing bond of family. To be able to keep up with the hustle and bustle of this lifestyle, she also started doing weights to keep herself active and strong.