When A Man Reviews HYPOXI...

When Michael K. on his 40th birthday party was showing photos from his youth one of his long-time friends commented: “Wow! You had a six-pack those days!”. In 2016, more than 20 years later, Micheal has to admit: No sign of a six-pack at all. Michael is not fat, but to prevent what could happen in the future, he tried the HYPOXI-Method. This is his report.

“I can think of many explanations on why my figure changed over the years and being an ad writer myself I’m hardly short of words. “That’s quite normal from 35 upwards!” (True, but how will I look at 50?) – “you can not always forbid oneself from anything!” (True, but when did I ever forbid myself of anything?). Enjoyment is a major matter to me. A nice glass of wine, rich food – naturally of several courses. In front of the TV, I can only concentrate on the movie by eating a chocolate bar. After all, at dinner, I try to skip the “bad” carbohydrates. But what’s the point of it, if, by news time, I’ve already “inhaled” a packet of gummy bears?

Through my job, I became aware of HYPOXI. “Targeted figure forming”. That was quite promising for someone like me who regularly jogs but always lose weight on the wrong body parts. However – fitness studios are not on my agenda. Never mind, let’s have a self-experiment.”

The first two weeks

When A Man Reviews HYPOXI Michael Konle

“In the same week, I had an appointment at the stylish HYPOXI studio “At first the coach does some measuring and checks your weight.” Looking at the scale, we are both quite surprised. Me, because this scale obviously broke and Gabi because by estimating my figure she didn’t expect such an amount of body mass: 89 kg at a body height of 178 centimetres!

“Heavy bones” was my comment in hope to improve the situation for myself. The next moment I’m already in the “pressure suit,” a special suit which by the help of pressure chambers acts with high pressure and low pressure in the parts of the belly and hips. Off I go on the treadmill where a device named Vacunaut sucks all the air from my suit, and I start with a walk and then a slow jog which is more effective than a rapid run”. During the 30 minutes training, Gabi Etheridge explains the typical dietary errors to me. “The most important: no carbohydrates after a HYPOXI-session. But also do not starve as the body does need energy for fat burning!”. Sounds quite logically and I feel relieved as I am not in the mood for strict dieting.

After the training, my whole body tingles like after a long massage. It feels really good! The training is set for a total of 18 sessions. Three-times a week, half an hour per session. Depending on the set goals a duration of one, two or three-month training would be normal. But to me, this is a test and we make an exemption.

Already the first re-measurement after two weeks is quite joyful: Four centimetres less at the waist and one at the hip! Moreover, nearly 2 kg weight loss. Only the belly is still somewhat stubborn. But now I’m really into it. Even the first measurement two weeks later is cause for great joy: four inches at the waist and one at the hip! I lost almost two kilos. Only the belly is still somewhat stubborn. But now I have licked the blood.”

The third and the fourth week

“The fat deposits are getting smaller and smaller. Even the belly realises that there is no way out and consequently loss two centimetres of girth: I must admit, the abstention of alcohol and carbohydrates three times a week isn’t always easy, with my social after work life. But at least I don’t go hungry.

However, during the fourth week, I suffered a slight setback. The measuring tape shows no change! Obviously, I underestimated some culinary temptations on one or more occasions. And also the fact that a pack of mini sausages doesn’t contain carbohydrates, but therefore, fat of about half a pound of butter. As my body burns a certain amount of fat during a training session, I mustn’t treat myself with multiple quantities of fat afterwards. Luckily my HYPOXI-Coach gives nutritional advice and gives me valuable tips on how to avoid falling into these dietary traps.”

The fifth and sixth week

When A Man Reviews HYPOXI Michael Konle

“Full of drive and discipline I walked on the treadmill towards the treatment final. Official test result: minus 6 centimetres at the waist, minus 3 centimetres at the belly, minus 4 centimetres at the hips. And 3 kilograms less on the scales. Mind you: without dieting.

My next sauna appearance will be a highlight. So I decide to use HYPOXI for another month to achieve my goals. To be well prepared for the beach season next summer, I need to get rid of some more centimetres.”

Michaels’ new body feeling: “HYPOXI really did work!”