Why do we advice to avoid carb after your HYPOXI session?

One of the reasons for HYPOXI® method success is the personalised training plan designed according to the individual’s needs. This includes a nutrition guide that, among others, advice against the consumption of carbs for a few hours after a session.

Carbs and what they do

Carbohydrates (carbs) provide energy — as we all know, without energy, we can’t function. Carbs can be divided into three categories – sugar, starches and fibre. Most carbs are broken down into glucose, which is the source of energy while some are transformed into fat or stored energy for later.

Then there are “whole” and “refined” carbs.

“Whole” carbs and “refined” carbs

Examples of “whole” carbs are vegetables, whole fruits and whole grains, all of which are considered to be healthy food. Contrarily items like sugar-sweetened beverages, pastries and fruit juices are among those categorised as “refined carbs” which have been processed and stripped of their natural fibre and are often linked to obesity.

Why do we advise to avoid carb after your HYPOXI session2Maximising your HYPOXI® session

A healthy diet is fundamental in boosting the efficacy of your HYPOXI® session. Otherwise, all that work and effort will be for nothing. While carbs seem necessary, it is crucial to keep consumption within what you actually need and in moderation.

To maximise the amount of fat your body metabolises during and after a session, do not eat for two hours (after each your HYPOXI® session). Also, remember to avoid any carbs for a further two to four hours. Otherwise, it is the food that is burnt and not the stubborn fat.

There are many reasons to consider HYPOXI® when it comes to your fat loss and body goals, and doing your part by heeding to the advice given by our trained coaches, will optimise results and make everything worth it.